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Build Your Own Employee Gift Boxes

Our experienced team make employee gifting easier and more meaningful. You browse our range of luxury products for inspiration. Tell us what you love. Then we turn each gift box into a beautiful surprise…

It is important to show your team that you value and appreciate them. It motivates people and makes them feel valued in the workplace. Your business will enjoy greater productivity as a result. Saying thank you is sometimes enough. However, there will be other times when a thoughtful gift is more appropriate. Employee gifting is our area of expertise. Let us take care of everything. We curate beautiful employee gift boxes to suit the occasion.

Perhaps you want to surprise your team with staff thank you gifts. Or maybe a new employee welcome gift box sounds like a great idea. Also, birthdays, holidays, winning new contracts and successful projects all deserve to be acknowledged. Celebrating special moments and milestones in the workplace helps to bring employees together. After all, who doesn’t like to feel appreciated and acknowledged for their efforts? Corporate gifts for employees are a way to make a positive difference in the workplace. Moreover, making someone feel valued and motivated encourages employee loyalty. And retaining top talent is a key factor in a successful business.

Our team builds beautiful employee gift boxes. We fill them with pampering products, useful tech or delicious treats and more. There is no limit to our imagination when it comes to building the perfect gift for your employees. You can trust us to do a great job.


We can customise gift boxes to make them stand out. This includes company branded gifts such as pens, stationery, tech and desk essentials to make your employee gifting experience professional and welcoming.


You can create gifts for employees simply by adding items to your gift box online. Then we take care of everything else. We source the gifts from the suppliers and present them in a beautiful box. It is a hassle-free experience for you.


We carefully prepare your employee gift box. This includes adding a hand-written note to make it a more personal experience. Once your gift box is wrapped and beautiful, we make sure it is safely delivered to the recipient.

Pre-Curated Employee Gift Boxes

For a speedier checkout experience, you can select a pre-curated gift box. We know what employees love and appreciate. Therefore, we can put together boxes to delight and surprise.

Case Study Case Study Case Study
Case Study Case Study Case Study

Case Study

Celebrating employees

Danosa, a market-leading manufacturer of specialist products, was hosting an employee awards ceremony. The organisers reached out to us. They wanted to make the event a little extra special for the employees. Therefore, we created celebratory boxes of luxury treats to gift employees on the big night.

Boost employee morale

The gift boxes were a welcome surprise. The recipients much appreciated the company’s thoughtful gesture. Overall, it was a great boost for employee morale. Rewarding hard work and effort with a beautiful gift added to the evening’s celebratory atmosphere.

Build a gift of luxuries

We carefully selected indulgent treats and little luxuries. Champagne, pampering products and gourmet goodies were presented in gorgeous boxes. Then handed out to employees at the awards ceremony.

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