What To Include In Your Wedding Welcome Kit

The latest wedding must-have? A Wedding Welcome Kit to greet all your guests on arrival is the perfect way to say ‘Hello! We’re so glad you’re here’ right away. This is especially true if you’re having a destination wedding or hosting a lot of out-of-towners.

We can source everything you need and assemble the perfect gift that is sure to make your guests feel right at home. Here are a few of our favourite picks that will make your wedding welcome kit one to remember!



Take the opportunity to provide thirst-quenchers whilst adding some style and turn to Voss or add a personal touch with customised water bottles for each kit.

Fresh Fruit

Guests will always appreciate fresh fruit and they add a beautiful pop of colour too!

Something Sweet

Satisfy your guests’ sweet cravings with something fun like customised popcorn cones or sophisticated like Melt’s Chocolate Bars.

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Something Salty

For those after-party snacks, something salty will be appreciate by your guests. Nut mixes, gourmet flavoured crisps or pretzels are a popular choice and will always go down a hit!

Hangover Kit

It’s a wedding and yes, there will be hangovers! A cute hangover kit will be welcomed the morning after and can be filled with a variety of aids to cure a sore head!


Take cue from yours and your beaus favourite drinks and add a couple to set a celebratory tone for your affair!

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Welcome Note & Itinerary

Of course the snacks and little tipples are the most exciting part of the welcome kit, but don’t forget to overlook the itinerary and a lovely welcome note from you both.




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